Top Cultural Centers

dbdtAre you looking for something different in your travels? Are you tired of the typical tourist traps packed with overpriced hotels, restaurants, and attractions? Then it’s time to set your sights a little higher and take a more cultural approach to your travels. If you’re ready to take a vacation filled with discovery and unique wonders, then you need to focus your travel planning on the cultural centers of the world. Every country has culture-centric attractions and landmarks that are specific to the region and people. If you want to expand your horizons and experience unique ways of life, set your sights on a travel destination that will expose you to new cultures, people, and traditions. Below is a list of top cultural centers around the world. They offer everything from century-old religions to ancient civilizations, and can turn your trip into an eye-opening experience.
Cultural Centers of the World Egypt Egypt is consistently the top destination for world travel each and every year – and not surprisingly so. The country uniquely bridges the African and Asian continents across the Suez Canal by possession of the Sinai Peninsula. This key positioning has guaranteed Egypt a major role in the strategic and historic relationships between the east, west, north and south of Africa, Europe, Asia and the more direct Middle East beginning more than 5000 years ago when the first Kingdom of Egypt was unified. In addition to a most remarkable past, Egypt offers the eager traveler thriving international cities, lavish Red Sea resorts, fabled oases and literally hundreds of miles of ancient pharaonic monuments along the Nile River Valley. Get discount airfare to Egypt and read more about cultural centers of Egypt at Greece Aside from major attractions like the Parthenon, Greece provides a plethora of other sites and activities unique to the nation’s cultural heritage. For a spiritual experience, visit the town of Meteora in the northern Thessaly region. These spectacular cliff-top monasteries were originally reached by curiously placed ladders and ropes. Today people can reach the sky-high pinnacles by climbing the etched stone stairs or by the growing popular sport of rock climbing.

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Rajasthan – One of the Best Cultural Trips

f mjntmjtntyhRajasthan – One of the Best Cultural Trips The desert state of Rajasthan is one of the most impressive parts of the itinerary of most Britons on an India tour. The city literally dribbles with the regal splendour it inherited from the erstwhile Rajput rulers. The desert state makes a wonderful haven for history and culture buffs with its palaces, forts, lakes, revered shrines and even a hill station. Places to visit Cities of Rajasthan are crammed full of interesting places and attractions that reflect the state’s rich heritage and incredible natural grandeur. Here are some of the most impressive places in Rajasthan which entice Britons to book flights from London to India.
Udaipu ‘Often called the ‘Venice of the East’ and regularly referred to as the ‘city of lakes’, Udaipur is full of astounding gardens, temples, forts, and famous lakes such as Pichola, Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar, and Swaroop Sagar. Being Mewar’s historic capital in the bygone days, Udaipur is full of generous chunks of colourful history and is also pretty close to sizzling sightseeing places like Ranakpur Jain Temples, Mount Abu, Chittorgarh Fort, and Kumbhalgarah Fort. Udaipur is well known for its puppet shows as well. Jaipu Jaipur, popularly known as the ‘Pink City’, is perhaps the major highlight of the ‘Golden Triangle Tour’ of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Going on an elephant safari and checking out the numerous historic structures make Jaipur an unforgettable part of a Rajasthan holiday experience. Some of the absolutely not to be missed sights are Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall, Government Central Museum, Sisodia Rani Ka Bagh, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Amber Fort. Ajme Ajmer also has quite a few interesting claims to fame. It is believed that anyone, irrespective of faith, who offers prayers at the Dargah here with a pure heart, is never disappointed. Ajmer is also well known for the sacred Pushkar Lake and numerous temples.

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Cultural Lisbon Portugal

erhbnrynmHistory of Portugal Portugal is found on the Western part of the Iberian Peninsula, that part that has the Atlantic Ocean. History has it that the territory of northern Portugal and Spain were poorly defined years ago, so they had the same cultural aspects but not for so long especially after the emergence of the Castrena culture. The culture was characterized by rounded fortified huts before the Romans colonized the place and divided Spain from Portugal. History aside, when you visit Portugal you will be after fun-filled events and entertainment sports that will complement the historical spots to give you a truly memorable and unique holiday.
Climbing picturesque hills by day and bar-hopping through vibrant cobbled lanes at night. Legendary cafés and art nouveau shops. World Heritage monuments and singular museum treasures. Fairytale palaces and sandy beaches nearby. Long dinners and an insatiable appetite for nightlife. First things first, before you venture in the outskirts of Portugal, in its capital city Lisbon, there are all kinds of things to do and place to visit. Museums – The first museum is the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea Museu do Chiado, located in the center of Lisbon and where you get to sample French and Portuguese Art.

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Cultural Singapore Attractions

sbnsdbndybheThe cultural industry in Singapore has blossomed of late and now high art and the wonderful world of cultural exhibitions have invaded this island nation to an extent where the scene itself has piqued interest within the community. The National Arts Council and the Heritage Board, working together with MICA (Ministry of Information, Culture and the Arts) have worked together for years to build Singapore into a Renaissance City – hoping to emulate the explosion of culture and art in Italy in the 14th Century – and hopefully spawning their own Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. The Singapore museum and the heritage museum are just some of the examples of how this nation has leveraged on its own culture and rich history to put together exhibitions and attractions that cannot be missed.
Singapore’s founding, its prime leaders and its birth from a footnote in history to Sovereign nation are chronicled in a rich world of sound, art and words in the Singapore National Museum and the heritage gallery as well. Be sucked into the 1900’s again as chronicled in acute detailed is history of Singapore – with journals of our early colonial founders etched out in aching beauty and sound. Also, recently in the national museum was some of the notes of William Farquhar and his chronicle of some of the species of animals that used to reside in the Singapore jungles and some of the names the locals or ‘Orang Asli’ used to give to them. The Asian Civilisation Museum is also a prime example of a cultural Singapore attraction that you must visit as soon as possible. The rich tapestry of the Asian civilisations are realised in life like and breathtaking models and statues transported from dig sites all over Inner Mongolia, China and all over South East Asia. Be amazed as they tell the histories and lifestyle of Old Asia in a way no – one can, through pictures and objects that inspire the greatest story teller of all – your imagination. This museum also deals with propaganda and cultural material and how politics of old and of new has changed the face of culture in countries like Burma, Indonesia and China.

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Cultural Dose In Amsterdam

dh bfd nfnEven though Amsterdam is not generally considered one of the world’s major cultural centers, the quality and quantity of music, dance and film on offer here are quite high. The reason for this can be the government’s long-term subsidy to the arts. With its exclusively youthful population, the city is at the cutting edge in many ways, though its strengths lie in the graphic arts and new media rather than the performing arts. It can be said that there is something lacking in the Dutch performance, maybe it is their lack of daring nature or it can even be something to do with the stable and homogeneous nature of Dutch society, and its high standard of living. If one spends any time in Amsterdam one is bound to come across plenty of fringe and mainstream events, many of them spontaneous and entertaining. Amsterdam has a bevy of places which buzz a wide range of affordable entertainment and one will never find oneself at a loss for something to do. As far as live music goes, Amsterdam is a regular halt for many major artists, and something of a testing ground for current rock bands.
Until recently, Dutch rock and pop was almost uniformly dismal, but mercifully times have changed, and Dutch groups nowadays can lay claim to both quality and originality. The Dutch folk music tradition in Amsterdam is virtually vanished, although interest has been revived of late by the new duo, Acda and de Munnik. There are still one or two touring folk singers who perform traditional smartlappen. Aside from summer Sundays in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam doesn’t have many outdoor music festivals. The biggest events are the Drum Rhythm and Racism Beat. The festivals, usually held in May and August respectively, which are multi-venue extravaganzas attracting world-class acts, and for classical music. Aside from summer Sundays in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam doesn’t have many outdoor music festivals; the biggest events are the Drum Rhythm and Racism Beat It festivals, usually held in May and August respectively, which are multi-venue extravaganzas attracting world-class acts, and for classical music, the Grachtenfestival in the last week of August. Of the festivals outside the city, the most famous is the Pink Pop Festival in June, down in the south at the Draf en Renbaan in Landgraaf, near Maastricht.

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