Take A Cultural History Tour Of England

rfmfc,mgThe English Empire was once the greatest hotbed of cultural influence in the world. While it may not have the same influence it once had, it is still a cultural force to be reckoned with. London is a cosmopolitan city that breathes sophisticated and fashionable culture and art. It’s rich and colorful history can be seen in artifacts and remnants of the past which stand as testimony to the once mighty English Empire. On the other hand, England is hardly known for its cuisine. Well it is time now for that fact to change.
Today England has fourteen of the top fifty restaurants in the world. Not a bad feat for a country that is not exactly praised for its food. You will find the traditional fare of England with Beef Wellington and Yorkshire pudding, but you will also notice a decidedly different flavor permeating England. England has become a very diverse country and with that diversity out comes the flavors of other cultures. Indian restaurants have particularly taken their place in the South of England. You will want to travel away from London to experience the full feel of England. Cornwall offers spectacular views of sea cliffs and a trail that will show you some of the most amazing views of the ocean. Cotehele is a Tudor mansion that finds its home in Cornwall. It is an architectural masterpiece. Make sure you travel around the southern area to find old English towns in the gorgeous countryside. You will see everything English in this old community, old stone cottages with thatched roofs, alleys of cobblestone and everything you imagine the English countryside to be. These areas are most popular in the summer months.

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A Cultural Center – Boston, MA

hyfgyugfuyOne of the most historic and resplendent cities in all of the United States, Boston is considered by many to be the cultural and commercial center of all of New England. Indeed, it is the largest city in that region of the United States. The cosmopolitan air of Boston is incomparable no matter where a person might journey in the country. Beyond unmatched historic points of interest and wide array of cultural venues, Boston is renowned both as an educational health care center. There are a good number of institutions of higher learning situated in Boston including some of the most highly regarded colleges and universities which are located in the Boston metro area. Boston is also home to a number of premier hospitals and medical centers. These facilities provide a wide range of different types of treatments and procedures to a wide range of patients.
This includes truly groundbreaking medical procedures. With a strong focus on health and wellness issues, many locals avail themselves of other types of treatments and procedures including acne treatment, chemical peels, laser treatments, as well as sunless tanning. When it comes to residential options in Boston, there is a wide range of different options available to people from all walks of life. This includes everything from historic manses on Beacon Hill to affordable housing choices elsewhere in the city that are ideal for young and growing families. As mentioned a moment ago, Boston is considered by many people to be the cultural center of New England … indeed, a leading community in the U.S.A. when it comes to cultural and entertainment offerings and options. From the world renowned Boston Pops to live theater to internationally regarded museums, this Commonwealth community really can be said to “have it all.” Recreation is also a major factor in the lives of many Bostonians. Residents participate in a wide range of recreational activities in part for the enjoyment of it all and in part to enhance their own sense of health and wellness. The desire to recreate is tied in with the involvement of Boston residents in other enhancement treatments such as acne treatment, chemical peels, laser treatments, as well as sunless tanning.

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Travel To Berlin: A Cultural Evolution

fdnfghnfhbtIt is difficult to think of a modern industrialized city that has been through quite as much upheaval and stress in recent times as Berlin. The German capital has been undergoing a massive reunification effort and cultural explosion since 1989 that has held an awe-inspired and utterly captivated audience of visitors since then. No other city offers such an intimate understanding of the complexities and atrocities of world war than once-divided Berlin. Despite the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989, East and West Berlin are still two very distinct regions. A stroll through Berlin’s charming streets is the best way to experience the time warp from which many parts of the city are slowly emerging. Berlin Mitte is the central region, offering the most restaurants, shopping and attractions. Everywhere in Berlin, visitors are surprised by the expanse of green, beautiful spaces and parkland.
Society of Expression and Celebration Berlin’s Cold War generation has flowered from suppressed beginnings into a flourishing world of creative expression. A cutting-edge culture has boomed onto the international stage in the form of festivals and celebrations after 50 years of silence. As the summer season wanes, Berlin hosts the annual Art Forum Berlin in September and October, which showcases trendsetting and fresh contemporary art from all over the world, including Australia, Latin America and the USA. Attendees may also participate in seminars and workshops focused on the art of tomorrow. The Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), held in February, rivals its Italian and French competitors with acclaimed submissions and coveted awards. The most massively unifying and culturally eclectic celebration is Berlin’s renowned Love Parade. Initiated with a mere 150 people in 1989 as a display of love, tolerance and an homage to electronic music, this gargantuan festival of DJs and dancers aboard competitive floats makes its journey down Berlin’s Großen Stern to finally gather at the Victory Column where the party ensues into the night. A History Not Forgotten Despite the exemplary movement forward by the citizens, including an affinity for nightlife, Berliners make a special point to capture and embrace their harsh (and ancient) history. The Jüdisches Museum is the largest Jewish history museum in Europe.; The museum not only covers the victimization of Jews in German history, but largely celebrates their contributions to German society, art, science and technology.

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India Cultural Tours

2011_wtdIndia is literarily a treasure house of cultural & traditional values of the people of India. No matter what religion and cultural society they come from, all the fairs and festivals are celebrated in huge way by the people from all walks of life in India. Namaste, is commonly used word to greet others or salutation in Indian context. It is widely used by the people live in South Asian or Far East Asian countries too. A word “Namaste” is basically originated from Sanskrit word “namah” and it is a first thing taught to children in Indian families to respect elders. To greet someone with respect, you need to press your palms together with all fingers pointing upwards keep them close to your chest and bow your head slightly while saying Namaste. This is an Indian style of greeting people. Namaste’s literarily means ‘I bow to your’. India has complex blend of historical traditions, diverse religious societies and cultures, can not be seen elsewhere in the world. Cultural values in Indian society remain constant over the years and still play an important role in Indian context.
Though culture of modern Indian society has changed a bit over the years from the effect of western culture but still all traditional values have been intact within it. Existing major religions in India are Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Christianity, Judaism and Bahai are also followed in India but not influential compare to others. The most divers and amazing part of Indian culture are its countless spoken languages across the country. Hindi is an official language of India and English is second official language spoken by the people of India. India is a federal union of 28 states and 07 union territories. Though every states/union territories have their own official languages, however regional dialects are also widely used in communications by the people of India. Culture of India also refers to the way of life to the Indian families & Indian marriages. Joint Indian family is an ideal module of Indian cultural society irrespective of religions. Joint families still play a pivotal role to maintain or safeguard the cultural traditions within its family structure.

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‘Paglilihí’: A Philippine Cultural Myth

dfhn bfcdbdfPerhaps you heard of a child born with “crab hands”—instead of having five fingers, his arms end in two thick appendages that look like the pincers of a crab. In the Philippines, many folks would most likely blame this on ‘paglilihí.’ According to a longstanding Filipino belief concerning ‘paglilihí,’ when the wishes or craving of a mother during the early stages of her pregnancy were not satisfied, her unborn child’s condition would be adversely affected; and worse, whatever she had craved for and eaten avidly during her ‘paglilihí’ would influence the child’s physical characteristics.
People who believe in such cases would surely allege that the mother of the “crab child” had feasted on crabs when she was in the stage of ‘paglilihí.’ In fact, in the Philippines, claims like “’pinaglihi sa palaka, sa luya, sa dwende…’” [conceived of frog, of ginger, of dwarf…], or even “’sa sama ng loob’” [of ill feelings] are very common. However, thanks to the advancements in medical science—for the many myths about ‘paglilihí’ are gradually being dispelled. Medical science now provides us with a better understanding of the term ‘paglilihí,’ which refers to the period that stretches from conception through the first trimester of pregnancy. In this stage, the pregnant experiences hormonal changes that affect her bodily functions. The craving, hypersensitivity of taste and smell, nausea, morning sickness, and mood swings are common symptoms of the changes. Some psychologists also claim that the hormonal swings of pregnancy can make a woman more emotional; she may begin feeling neglected. Because her belly begins to distend, she may feel fat and unattractive. To reassure herself, she may seek her husband’s attention more frequently by, typically, asking for certain hard-to-find delicacies. The health of the mother during pregnancy has indeed many effects on the developing fetus.

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